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Sourdough can be a baker’s signature: it can make them stand out from the crowd. The sourdough expertise acquired by Lesaffre enables bakery professionals to obtain products tailored to tastes, products that can be adapted anew to the season and to consumers’ needs.

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6-8, June 2018

The 7th International Symposium on Sourdough will be held in Cork, Ireland from 6-8th June 2018. The venue for the symposium is The Kingsley Hotel, located close to the UCC campus.

More details: www.7thsymposiumonsourdough2018.com

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Kingsley Hotel
Carrigrohane Rd,
Sunday’s Well
Cork, T12 P680


Our sourdough expertise

Discover our latest scientific presentations…

A new way to develop sourdough breads: explain dynamically the consumers’ appreciation

Study on scalded hydrolyzed flour and its impact on the lag phase of sourdough inoculated with freeze-dried micro-organisms

Children global vision of bakery products & sourdough

Combine yeast, bacteria & flours to create new tastes

Development of a predictive model on acidity and gasing power in liquid sourdough according to recipe & process parameters

Using sourdough to achieve significant salt reduction in bread

Lesaffre has developped preparation techniques for sourdoughs that are quick, easy and reproducible.


They guarantee optimum dough raising, while maintaining intact the other properties expected of a sourdough: rich aromas, preservation, texture, etc…


Thanks to the range of dedicated solutions available to them (starters, ready-to-use sourdoughs, devitalized sourdoughs, etc.), bakery professionals can refocus on breadmaking and adapt the expression of sourdoughs as they see fit, to be able to offer an increasingly varied range of tailored products.

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